Palma Fruits

Novelty from Raimbek company!

Palma Fruits contains natural juice of the most juicy fruits and vegetables. Due to their unique combination juice not just refreshes, but also rejuvenates organism.

The summer heat is on its way and the Raimbek Company has launched a new great product - "Limonaccio" carbonated drink. To make "Limonaccio" we use thoroughly purified groundwater and organic and eco-friendly ingredients. "Limonaccio" line consists of five unique flavors: “Pinocchio”, “Minty Pear”, “Fruit Sherbet”, “Guarana” and “Mojito”.
New product from Raimbek Company
Our pasta is produced under “Mamma Mia” trademark. It is made from premium quality organic products in accordance with traditional Italian recipes."Mamma Mia" pastas are produced exclusively from durum wheat, have exquisite taste and ability to absorb sauces perfectly, preserving their original form. "Mamma Mia" pastas come in 5 shapes: spaghetti, macaroni, capellini, penne, and fusilli.


“Kefir “Aynalaiyn” created from selected farm milk will make you feel lighter, strengthen the immune system, provide you with vitamins and nutrients.
“Major League” Businessman

In December 2016 the Almaty Management University published the book “Legends of Kazakhstan's Entrepreneurship”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


19 years ago, in 1998, first production line of “Juicy” juices was launched at the  Raimbek Bottlers plant.