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Raimbek Batalov
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Raimbek Group


The history of  the Raimbek Company began in 1992 with creation of small trading company which delivered consumer electronics from Singapore, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and Hong Kong.


The Raimbek Bottlers company has launched a line on producing “Juicy” juices with three flavours – orange, apple and tomato.

From the outset the company abandoned traders’ assistance and established direct cooperation with foreign producers of concentrated juices. It allowed to monitor product’s quality at every stage of production and to set a fair price resellers’ commissions free.

Today the Raimbek Bottlers company produces five brands of juices: Juicy, Junior, Frutta Mix, Palma и Fantan.


The Raimbek Alco company exclusively focused on delivery of elite alcoholic beverages to Kazakhstan was founded.

Today Raimbek Alco has partnership contracts with the world’s famous producers of alcoholic beverages: Bacardi-Martini, Brown-Forman, Tommasi, Castello Banfi, Les Grands Chais de France, Concha y Toro and others.

Raimbek Alco highly appreciates the trust of Kazakhstani consumers so the company is an active member of Association of Honest Importers of Alcohol products “AlcoImport” of the Republic of Kazakhstan that proves the company’s high status and reliability.


The Raimbek Agro new plant on milk production, mainly on UHT cow milk production was launched. Pure cow milk is exposed to ultra-high temperature processing and aseptic packaging within the sterile environment. Due to special hygienic control at every stage of production and high requirements to pure milk the products could be stored in normal conditions up to nine months.

Today Raimbek Agro produces three brands: Ainalaiyn, Miloko and Baby Bomba.


In 2003 Raimbek Group Holding took a leap into external market. A company was launched in China - Raimbek Food (XINJIANG) Co. Ltd  - producing juices for Chinese market. It was the first 100 % Kazakhstani privately owned enterprise in China. Several years ago that factory was sold to Chinese entrepreneurs.


Today the Raimbek Group is a large, successfully developing holding company focused mainly on food production and retail trade.

Since the early days of its creation the company has been working towards business model that was innovative for Kazakhstan at the time: possessing its own human resources, feedstock, production and management.

Companies of Raimbek Group Holding considerably contributed to the economy of Kazakhstan and most importantly – won trust and recognition of consumers by providing high quality products, which are well known not only in Kazakhstan but in other countries of Central Asia, Russia and Caucasus as well.